Hashim Conner was born and raised in Detroit Michigan, by the three women who kept him in line. His grandmother’s Rosie Cook, Lydia Alexander, and his biggest fan, mother Shirley Stephenson without whom none of his success would be possible. These women help shape the man before you, by pushing him to greater heights than he even knew he wanted. Hashim graduated Samuel L. Mumford High School, and then went on to earn his Associates in Communications from Wayne County Community college, as well as his Bachelors from Wayne State University. All the while taking time out to enjoy the art of writing, which he fell in love with at the tender age of nine. Hashim has accomplished these task as well as the task of completing his fourth novel, the first was KARMA, which is the prequel to The Learning Curve as well as the third part of the trilogy The Escort. He has also written The Congregation a well known book in it's own right. Hashim Conner has plans for many, many more book endeavours as well as looking forward to the possibilities of screen plays. In recent years Hashim has moved on from his native Detroit roots and planted himself in Atlanta Georgia and though Detroit will always be home he considers Atlanta part of his home base as well.